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Those women are all women. You just found them at different locations. Different sources of defined leads. Same thing with online dating. Tinder, OkCupid, Target, Coffee shop, you just gotta take the good with the bad. So all my life I struggled with the fact that I was five-seven and I started balding at age sixteen. That always bugged me. All the tall guys with great hair lines will always get the girls and I was never good enough. Not to mention I grew up in a trailer. Yeah I was dirt poor my whole life. That pretty much sealed the deal. I mean you went off and went to school and get five years of undergrad so you might have came from money maybe.

What I mean is that I could easily have found a way to make you better than me in my head because I was insecure about my height, and my hair, and my wallet. You can join a gym. Because what really matters to women is different than what matters to men.

8 Things to Expect in the Post-College Dating Scene

Men are totally triggered visually. Okay you need to work on at least confidence. You need to be confident that physical attractiveness is subjective. Man chicks eat that up. So get more confident in who you are, in your game, and just know who you are.

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My favorite book on attracting women with honest confidence — Models by Mark Manson. The directness aspect is in regards to stating your intentions. So if you are talking to a girl at the coffee shop and you like her so you ask her out. Are you free on Thursday? The indirect ask out is you facebook her later or something really weird like that. Are you going to ask her out? Do you like her? Congruence is when you ACT out your thoughts.

Almost every guy messes this up because this is where indirectness stems from. You see a pretty girl you want to talk to. My name is XYZ. An indirect man will make up some excuse, some lame joke, or something stupid that he think is witty.

How to Maximize Your Dating Life After College

Congruent guys like a chick and talk to the chick. The follow-through of confidence and directness and that will take you to promise land. Forget physical attractiveness man. It matters but to an extent.

But just like rich guys get chicks and jerks get chicks. Because when you act like a weirdo, when you act out of place, and wacky, people are going to be a lot more self-righteous about bringing you down a peg. So sit your ass in the chair at the coffee shop all damn day and talk to the people that surround you.

People will talk to you. Old guys will talk your ear off. Man I practice what I preach. Old guys will talk your ear off one dude started and told me like for two hours the the good days of real estate for him when he was mogul and somebody and how the stock market screwed him over. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people after college.

You can join clubs, do volunteer work , or even take a class. Just find activities that you are interested in, and if you happen to find someone there, well you know you share a common interest. There are several dating apps that work towards helping you get back out there. And the site is designed to give their members the best possible chance of finding love. There is no better tool to have in your corner.

10 Questions Millennials Have About Dating After College

Just look at them as an opportunity producer. This is the second scariest part. In college, there used to be some silent indicator that things were serious. The person would always come over, or you would go to the games together, sit together in the dining hall. You would do the things you normally have to do but together. Now, this person probably has a job of their own and other activities they participate in and a different friend group.

So integrating your two worlds is going to be a bit more challenging.

Is College the Best Time to Find a Girlfriend?

But once again it is doable. There are millions of people dating, and they find a way to make it work so you can too. Dating after college means you are dating in the adult world and sadly adults communicate. So put on your big kid pants and communicate. When I first heard this, I was petrified. Whoever you date will be the person you marry or break up with. This makes you question every person you date and ultimately adds a lot of pressure. And not just internal pressure but also external pressure. When will you get married? But remember, once you fall into a routine, you limit the number of new people you're able to meet.

When you always go to the same bars, always eat in the same restaurants, always work out at the same gym at the same time, you never stray from your comfort zone — and you limit the number of new experiences in your life! In order to maximize the chances of being approached by a guy, Kriger recommends hanging out by yourself or with just one other friend. It's nerve-wracking for a guy to approach a big group of girls to start a conversation with just one.

But sitting around waiting for a guy to invite you out seriously sucks. It's time to take matters into your own hands! Striking up a conversation, being yourself, touching his arm They work in the real world, too.

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The key to asking a guy out is confidence, pure and simple. I enjoyed talking to him, so I was just like, 'Would you like to have coffee sometime? Take after Elyssa's example and start small by sparking a conversation. It could be as simple as a comment on the weather, a comment on something he's reading or even asking for directions. Congrats, you've broken the ice!

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From there, keep the ball rolling. If you're getting a good vibe from the conversation, don't be afraid to take it a step further and ask him out for coffee. Remember, the worst that can happen is that he never calls. If that's the case, treat the scenario as practice for asking out the next guy. You can do it! If it makes you feel better, remember that guys feel the pressure of asking girls out all the time. We bet you're feeling sympathetic now, huh? Face it, a year-old guy is a year-old guy no matter what.